12 May 2010

airports and wine

Welcome to Australia!! Before I even boarded my connecting flight to get to the Clare Valley, lo and behold, there was a tasting in the Sydney airport. These forward-thinking wine sellers, from a company called Wine Selectors, let the locals taste a few wines and place an order--and then deliver it to their doorstep. Unfortunately, the shipping would be a bit much for those of us in Georgia, but I loved the concept! Oh, what the future could bring. . .

For right now, what the day is bringing is a little bit of sparkling Riesling from Knappstein winery right here in Clare. It's a bit chilly out but I'm really enjoying the farm life outside my window when we "knock off" of work. For anyone who hasn't heard, the Clare Valley is Riesling central--some of the best in the world are made within 15 minutes of where I'm sitting in this picture!

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